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Durham Doctors House Call Service is a house call referral service for doctors and patients.


We connect patients with qualified doctors in Durham Region and Scarborough. Instead of having to go to the walk-in clinic, wait for the doctor in the convenience of your own home. The visit is free of charge with a valid Ontario Health Card (OHIP).

The service is optimal for patients who are unable to leave their homes due to any reason. We regularly help the elderly and young families with infants or toddlers.

Durham Doctors House Call Service believes that our patients needs are of the utmost importance. Our entire team is committed to meeting those needs.

Our Doctors do not provide refills on sedatives or narcotics.



(905) 619-6641


9 am - 9 pm
7 days a week


Scarborough Newcastle




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For emergencies, please call 911.

1. Call (905)-619-6641

Please call as early as possible, doctors are limited to how many patients they can see, if you call after 8:00pm there may be a chance you won't see the doctor that day.

If you call and there is no answer we may be helping another patient, please leave your name and number and your call will be returned.


2. provide your information

Date of Birth
Phone Number
Ontario Health Card Number
Nature of the concern

Our staff will ask some questions to make sure the patient is able to wait for the house call. Our doctors do not provide refills for narcotics.


3. wait for the doctor to arrive

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Do I need to register to use your service?

No, you do not need to register. Simply call us at (905) 619-6641 and request for a qualified doctor to visit you at home.


Is this service covered by OHIP?

Yes, this is a free service as long as you have a valid health card (OHIP).


When will the doctor arrive?

The doctor will most likely arrive to your house the same day you contact us. He/she will confirm the appointment by calling you first.


Can a family member or someone else request a visit instead of the patient?

Yes, an authorized family member, friend, physician, nurse or a caregiver may request a visit.


What if I do not have an OHIP card?

You can still use the services, however some fee will be charged upon the completion of the examination at your house. You may pay this fee directly to the physician. Please call or email us for more information about the fees.


Who are the doctors performing the home visits?

Our doctors are all qualified family physicians providing house call who are scheduled to see patients in their homes throughout Durham Region and Scarborough.


Can a doctor examine other patients within the same household during the same visit?

Yes, the doctor may see and examine more than one person in the same household during the same visit in your home.

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 “Thankful for the wonderful service provided by Durham Doctors.. we’ve needed them twice in the last few months & have been more then happy with the kind and compassionate doctors who answered our call for assistance. Would not hesitate to recommend this service!”

- Gayle, 2019

“Tried this service for the first time today for my youngest. Couldn't of been happier with the service. Great communication leading up to the visit. Thorough but quick assessment of the baby with a good discussion of findings and the plan of care. I will definitely do it again. Because who can honestly say they enjoy taking their kids to the walk in clinic...?”

- Aimee, 2019

“Excellent service and very professional. When you are already feeling ill, sitting in a crowded urgent care seems daunting. Having the doctor in our home was convenient. I would highly recommend Durham Doctors.”

- Katherine, 2019

“This is the best service for families in the Durham region. We have two young kids and having a doctor come to the door has been an unbelievable service for our family. All of the doctors have been polite, knowledgeable and caring. We cannot recommend this service enough! Thank you for taking care of our kids!“

- Dave, 2018

“The doctor's we have had have always been extremely professional and courteous. Having the service is fantastic with multiple children at home, not having to wait in a waiting room and having the comfort of your own home is such a value!”

- Lisa, 2018

“Durham Doctors was amazing today! A blister which quickly turned painful and infected had me worried tonight and with two small kids at home, unable to get to the ER. Durham Doctors were able to squeeze me in tonight, have me checked out and with prescription in hand within less than an hour! They truly helped and brought some peace of mind!”

- Trish, 2018

We have used Durham Doctors many times for our toddler and newborn and have had AMAZING experiences every time. All of the doctors are great and the convenience cannot be beat... especially with kids. I recommend it to all my friends with kids. We are so lucky to have this free service available to us.

- Ashley, 2018

“So convenient! The doctor came today (I called yesterday around dinner) and I can tell you, waiting on my own couch was so much more comfortable than having to sit on those cold chairs surrounded by other sick and miserable people!”

- Courtney, 2017

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Durham Doctors House Call Service is looking for qualified, professional family physicians to join our outstanding team!   


Our telephone referral service links patients with general practitioners, for in home medical treatment. This provides patients with a viable alternative to medical care without ever having to leave their home, and provides physicians with an excellent way to supplement their income. We take great pride in providing patients with optimal medical care and service, while at the same time, working with our doctors' busy schedules.

Durham Doctors House Call Service provides you, the physician, a list of patients to visit, and all of their pertinent information (name, DOB, address, OHIP#, and reason for the visit). By giving us your availability, you choose the dates and times to work, that best suit your schedule.     

Durham Doctors House Call Service has been in successful operation for over four years now, and we are growing rapidly. We are excited about adding additional doctors to our roster. If this sounds like an exciting opportunity that will enhance your practice, please call our office for additional information. 

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